Digital Marketing

Level 2

Digital Marketing is the future of marketing and it has already taken a fair share of the overall marketing world. With proper digital marketing strategies, companies can easily target the most niche users relevant to their field. In this program, we will teach you everything you need to know to become a professional digital marketer. 

Course Contents

Self Paced

80 Hours

Mentor LEd

40 Hours







With this knowledge you will be able to

Understand the digital marketing trends and prepare effective campaigns

Work with multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc

Become an expert in Facebook Ads Manager and Facebook Pixel

Create proper content that drives engagement

Grow and retain an active audience in various social media channels

Master Google Adwords and Search Engine Optimization

Work as a freelance digital marketer in marketplaces like Upwork, Fiverr, People Per Hour, etc

Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum

Overview of Google My Business
How to verify GBP profile (put your business on the map)
Tools to improve Google My Business page
How to create a GBP website
How to create posts on the GMB page
How to create an Offer on the GMB page
How to use citations, NAP, Reviews
Track Google My Business Insights
Google My Business guidelines and listing policy
Keep your GBP Up-To-Date
An organization’s hierarchy
Project Manager, duties and responsibilities.
Scrum master role on a team
Produkt Owner role on a team
Business Analyst role on a team?
What is stakeholder’s role on a project
Task managment tools for Project Management
How can we adapt in a company that uses App for tasks
Introduction to Asana
Introduction to ClickUp
Introduction to Trello
Apps for Communication (Slack and Discord)
Time Tracker Apps
Section Intro: What will we learn
Presentation (Slides)
How to interact?
Introduction to Tiktok
How to Create a Tiktok Account
Difference Between Creator Profile and Business Profile
Optimizing your Bio in tiktok
How Tiktok Works – Tiktok’s Complex Algorithm
TikTok User Inferface – a walkdown of the app
Recap of the chapter
Section Intro: What will we learn
Tiktok Contents – What to Post
How to find your niche audience
Trending Sound Tracks of Tiktok
Finding out Tiktok Trends Early on FYP
Frequency of Posting on Tiktok
Tiktok Analytics – a deeper dive
Hashtags – how can it increase content visibility
What time to post your TikTok Content
Section Intro: What will we learn
What is Tiktok Marketing and how it can help a business
Tiktok Advertising – the introduction
How to make a Tiktok Ad Account
Types of Ad Available on Tiktok
How to advertise on Tiktok
6 tips for building your TikTok marketing strategy
Conclusion and Recap
Section Intro: What will we learn
What is Copywriting and how it can give you competitive breakthrough
Using Power Words in the copy to attract audience
Finding out the Pain Points and provide solution in Copy
Benefits over feature in Copy – Mastering WIIFM (What’s In It For Me)
What motivates the audience?
Using AIDA model in Copywriting
7 ways to write great copy or Headlines
Call to Action (CTA) – why is matters
Section Intro: What will we learn
What is Landing Page?
Why copywriting Matters for Social Media?
Creating a personal and a voice of brands in social media through copy
Copywriting for Landing pages in 10 Steps
Section Intro: What will we learn
Different use case of Copywriting
Different use case of Copywriting: Press Release
Different use case of Copywriting: Video Script
Different use case of Copywriting: Social media Captions
Difference between copy and captions
Different use case of Copywriting: Emails and Newsletters
Section Intro: What will we learn
EMV Headline Analyzer
Hemingway Editor
Section Intro: What will we learn
Type of Graphics and Medias
Color Modes and Resolutions
Section Intro: What will we learn
New File or Document Setup
Workspace and Panels
Photoshop screen modes, zooming inout and navigation
Section Intro: What will we learn
4.1 Creating objects using Marque Tools
4.2 Color Apply in Photoshop
4.3 Feather, Expand and Contract
Section Intro: What will we learn
5.1 Layer Concept and Usage of Layers
5.2 Layer’s re-selection & customization
5.3 Merge Layers & Group Layers
Section Intro: What will we learn
6.1 Lasso Tools and Polygonal Lasso Tools
6.2 Magic Wand Tools
6.3 Magnetic Lasso Tools
6.4 Quick Selection Tools
6.5 Object Selection Tools
6.6 Designing a Cartoon Character
Assignment – Design a Cartoon Character


Section Intro: What will we learn
1.1 Introduction to clipping path
1.2 Usage of Pen Tools
1.3 Removing the background
1.4 Changing the background
Assignment: Remove and Change the Background


Section Intro: What will we learn
Initial Setup and Importing Files
Add Audio File
Cut The Footage
Speed and Duration
Add Transitions
Add Voice Over
Export Footage

Live Q&A recordings

We will also teach you SOFT SKILLS!

because you will need them to excel in the Freelance marketplaces

In addition to learning technical skills, you will also need freelancing skills, mostly tips and tricks on how to win jobs and grow your portfolio.

With our expert mentors who are also professional freelancers, we have created a complete freelancing skills course that will take you from a beginner to an expert in no time.

We will teach you how to find appropriate jobs, write proper cover letters and negotiate to get better rates for your work.

Most of the clients in the Freelance marketplaces communicate in English

To help you become better in your communication and negotiation, we will provide you with an Business English course.

We will start with the basics of the English language and we will teach you everything you need to know to communicate effectively with your clients.

Start learning with us

Let us take you on a journey that will give you the life that you have been dreaming of!

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