Learnio aims to make you financially independent by providing you with on-demand digital skills training.

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Learnio was founded (as Coderstrust) in 2014 by a team of visionary Danish entrepreneurs. The first projects provided valuable knowledge on classroom-based digital skills training. The onset of CoVid in 2020 completely changed how we all work and learn. We pivoted to improve online learning and constantly iterated to build a solution that could improve graduation rates above the 15% industry standard. In 2021 we rebranded to Learnio and our former partner in Bangladesh remains with the Coderstrust brand name.

Learnio has now structured a learning methodology that keeps the students ambitious, entertained and motivated for learning and earning. Our programs now combine digital skills with Freelancing and our latest batches in Benin and Albania have over 50% in graduation rates. Our next milestone is to convert at least 50% of graduates into digital freelancers with a sustainable income. Why don’t you join us on the journey?

Our Team

Our team is steered by the Learnio Values that guide every employee’s actions and create a thriving environment for the members/students, the company and its employees.

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