Web Development

Level 2

Are you a beginner looking forward to learning how to create websites? We will guide you through the entire process: from how to  write your first line of code to actually creating industry-standard websites for clients using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, etc.

Course Contents

Self Paced

80 Hours

Mentor LEd

40 Hours







With this knowledge you will be able to

Understand how websites work

Set up your domain and hosting and create your own portfolio website

Create professional business websites for corporates

Build eCommerce websites for your clients where they can sell their products

Create blogging websites

Get maintenance and bug fixing jobs for existing websites

Get a good grasp on the concepts of web development setting you up to specialize further in either front-end or back-end web development

Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum

Welcome to the course
What we are going to learn in this course
Things you will need to know to get started
Let’s get the setup done
What is Next JS
Let’s create a Next JS Project
The file structure
Pages and Routing
Dynamic and Error page
Header, Footer, and Layout
Showing components
API Routes
The new fetch system
Single page for our data
What is Strapi
Strapi Setup
Creating our first content type in Strapi
Cloudinary setup for images
Connecting to Strapi API
What we are going to create
Let’s generate the project and trim the files
Project Development Lessons
Advance next JS features
Advance next JS features
Authentication part 1
Authentication part 2
User based content
API customization
Adding content with the API
Editing content with the API
Deleting content with the API
User based API controls
What we are going to create
Let’s generate the project and trim the files
Project Development Lessons
What we are going to create
Let’s generate the project and trim the files
Project Development Lessons
What we learned in the previous chapters
How to practice from previous chapters
Assignment : Create a personal blog where you can share
your development journey
What is Backend Development
Should you be a backend developer?
What you need to know to get started with backend development
Server vs Serverless
What is Firebase
Adding Firebase to our project
Firestore Databases
Fetching a Firestore Collection
Adding Firestore Data
Deleting Firestore Data
Real-Time Collection Data
Updating Documents
Real-Time Document Data
The Firebase CLI
Securing Collection Data
Deploying Firestore Rules
What is WordPress, and Why should you use it?
Installing WordPress
The Dashboard
Installing a Theme
Editors on WordPress
Adding a post
Adding a page
The WordPress built in “Customizer”
Adding a menu
Adding our custom pages
Theme Demos
Installing a theme demo
Customizing the demo part 1
Customizing the demo part 2
Finishing up
What are plugins?
Let’s install a plugin
Plugins from WordPress
3rd Party plugins
Contact form 7
What is Elementor and why it’s so popular
Installing Elementor
Elementor’s widgets part 1
Elementor’s widgets part 2
Elementor’s widgets part 3
The Theme Builder
Custom Header
Custom Footer
Pop Ups
What is dynamic content?
Custom Fields
Custom Post Types
Using custom fields with Elementor
Looping through custom post types
What we are gonna create
Adding the pages
Creating the menu and the header
Creating the footer
Creating the Hero section
About section
Course section
Reviews section
Contact section
Making our site responsive, part – 1
Making our site responsive, part – 2
Making our site responsive, part – 3
Fixing the issues
Final touch up
Uploading our site to Hosting
Optimizing the website for better performance
Final Assignment : Imagine you are going to launch your agency. Now create a website with any of the technologies that you have learned in the course. Good luck
Thank you!!

We will also teach you SOFT SKILLS!

because you will need them to excel in the Freelance marketplaces

In addition to learning technical skills, you will also need freelancing skills, mostly tips and tricks on how to win jobs and grow your portfolio.

With our expert mentors who are also professional freelancers, we have created a complete freelancing skills course that will take you from a beginner to an expert in no time.

We will teach you how to find appropriate jobs, write proper cover letters and negotiate to get better rates for your work.

Most of the clients in the Freelance marketplaces communicate in English

To help you become better in your communication and negotiation, we will provide you with an Business English course.

We will start with the basics of the English language and we will teach you everything you need to know to communicate effectively with your clients.

Start learning with us

Let us take you on a journey that will give you the life that you have been dreaming of!

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